If you would like to donate to Community Living Kirkland Lake,  please contact the Executive Director or Director of Finance (see below).  If you prefer, you may also mail a cheque or money order to the Agency as well.

Charitable receipts will be issued along with a thank you card to all donors.

The amount of your donation is the amount spent on the individuals to improve their quality of life; there are no administrative fees or salaries taken from your donation.

General Donations:   A donation may be made to the general fund or designated to a specific program or individual.  Agency programs include:
· Apartment Complex
· Community Living Skills
· Developmental Program
· Foundations Program
· Furlong Street Residence
· Station Road Residence
· Supported Employment Program
· Supported Independent Living Program
· Third Street Residence
· Wilson Avenue Residence

In Remembrance: One of the many ways people support the work of the organization is to arrange for bequests to be made to Community Living Kirkland Lake in lieu of floral tributes in memory of a loved one.  The local funeral home, French Family Funeral Home, have information on file about our organization or you can contact the agency directly.  A card of thanks will be sent to the family advising of the amount of In Remembrance donations were done in total.

Bequests in a Will: This is a simple method of giving to charity and is an integral part of an estate plan. If you would like to make a bequest to Community Living Kirkland Lake you can contact the Executive Director or Director of Finance.

To make a donation or for further information, please contact:

Heather Topliss, Executive Director
705-567-9331, ext. 223

Traci Fong, Director of Finance
705-567-9331, ext 226