Complaints Procedure for Families

Purpose:  To provide a family member/guardian with appropriate communication channels to utilize should she/he have an issue of concern with any aspect of the agency’s services.

Procedure:  It continues to be the desire of the Board and the staff of the agency to provide supports and services in which all families/guardians can be pleased.  It is important that should you become dissatisfied; issues should be brought forward as soon as possible, so that they are addressed and resolved.  The following are the appropriate communication channels you may use to resolve an issue:

  1. Initially the Counsellor and Supervisor of the program should be contacted.  Most situations are resolved to everyone’s satisfaction at this level.  This can be done either by way of a phone call or meeting.
  2.  Directors should be contacted at the Administration Office (567-9331) if the issue is not resolved by the complainant and Supervisor.  At that time, both parties will be brought together and we will attempt to find a solution.  No more than ten (10) working days after your meeting with the Director’s you can expect:
    a)   A letter setting out any agreement you and the Director have reached as a result of your meeting;
    b)   if no solution was reached, a letter setting out the Director’s decision regarding your complaint.  If a solution is still not apparent, the family member may proceed to the next step.
  3. Contact the Executive Director (567-9331).  It is the Executive Director’s job to find out from the Director the steps that have been taken to solve your complaint.   The goal of your meeting will be to look for a solution to your problem.
    Within ten (10) working days, you can expect to receive a reply from the Executive Director:
    a)   A letter setting out any agreement you and the Executive Director have reached as a result of your meeting;
    b)   if no solution was reached, a letter setting out the Executive Director’s decision regarding your complaint;
    c)    if clarification is required, contact the Executive Director as soon as possible.
  4. If a mutual agreement cannot be reached then the matter will go before the Board of Directors.  They deal with any issues that cannot be resolved elsewhere.Contact the President of the Board, a contact name and phone number is available through the Administration Office (705-567-9331).  This person will arrange a meeting for you with the Executive Committee.  The Executive Director will provide a summary of your case to the Board.  You will receive a copy of the same.  The Board will listen to your complaint and consider the previously attempted solutions and other possible alternatives.Within 30 days after your meeting with the Board:
    a)    If you and the Board have found a solution, you will receive a letter from the Board setting out that solution;
    b)   If you and the Board did not find a solution a final decision from the Board as well as a notice of the right to further appeal; (such as to the courts, or other structured institution) to resolve the complaint.

The Board of Directors will provide a name, address and phone number of the government official with whom the complaint may be pursued.