French Language Service Policy

Subject: French Language Services Policy


To ensure that the Francophone population are aware of Community Living Kirkland Lake’s “active offer” under the French Language Services Act.


The agency shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that organizational structures and policies are in place to enable Community Living Kirkland Lake to carry out its operations in compliance with the French Language Services Act.


1. English will continue to be the language of business; however our agency’s goal is to provide effective client services in both English and French, whenever possible within available resources.

2. The Executive Director is responsible for ensuring our agency is in compliance with the French Language Services Plan.

3. The Director of Supports and Services along with other Directors and Supervisors will actively recruit bilingual (English and French) persons to fill positions within the agency.

4. Service auditing will include evaluating the agency’s ability to provide services in French as requested.

5. The results of the audit will be reviewed with the French Language Service Committee of the Board.