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Interested in knowing more about Community Living Kirkland Lake and the supports and services we offer?

Community Living Kirkland Lake

PO Box 274,  51 Government Rd West, Upper Level
Kirkland Lake Ontario P2N 3H7

Phone: 705-567-9331
Fax: 705-567-5005
Supervisor Fax: 705-567-4213

Heather Topliss
Executive Director
705-567-9331, extension 223

Heather has worked in this field for 33 years, serving as the Executive Director of this Agency for 25 of those years.  Before joining the Community Living Kirkland Lake team, Heather was a counsellor down south.  Upon moving back to Kirkland Lake, Heather worked at Extendicare and then at our Agency as a counsellor and supervisor at First Street Residence.  Heather has been married for 25 years, has two children and enjoys baking, reading and boating.

Her greatest satisfaction is interacting with the individuals we support.  As the Executive Director, she does not get a chance to do that often in her role; however when she does, it makes her day and makes her appreciate why she choose this career.

Traci Fong
Director of Finance
705-567-9331, extension 226

Traci has been employed with Community Living Kirkland Lake since 1991, first working as the Personnel Clerk and then in her current job as the Director of Finance.  Traci is always up to the new challenges each year brings.

Traci enjoys visiting the programs and interacting with the individuals we support and the employees at other programs.

Lauri Lambert
Director of Community Development
705-567-9331, extension 229

Lauri has been working with Community Living Kirkland Lake since 1989 in various capacities including the Lesiure Time Program, Developmental Program, and Supervisor of the Wilson Avenue Residence, Furlong Street Residence and Apartment Complex.   For close to 10 years, se has been working in her current position which has changed immensely to meet to the needs of the community and the people it supports.   Lauri has 6 children and one grandchild.  She enjoys travelling and visiting with her children and their families.  Lauri’s other passion is animal advocacy and rescue and that is where the majority of her volunteer time is spent.

Lauri enjoys working with families and transitioning new people to services.  She feels she is fortunate to be able to work in the forefront with the ministry on new initiatives to ensure fair and equitable treatment for all families.


Vicki Boulley
Human Resource Administrator
705-567-9331, extension 225


Vicki joined the agency November 2015

Kim Harvey
705-567-9331, extension 232

James King

James has worked in the Young Offender Residential system since 1986 in various capacites before joining the team at Community Living Kirkland Lake.  He believes he is very lucky to be able to have the opportunity to work with the individuals he does; both the staff and the people we support.

James moved to Kirkland Lake in 1993 planning to stay for 5 years. Twenty years later, he has fallen in love with this community. James, his wife Gina and his children Juliana and Jonah, are all very active with the Kirkland Lake Aquatic Club. During his time in the community, he has participated with two amazing volunteer organizations – the Kirkland Lake Aquatic Club and the Rotary Club of Kirkland Lake. Both of these groups do great work for our community.

Sean McCarthy
705-567-9331, extension 231


Lise Rozich
705-567-9331, extension 222

Lise joined the Agency in January.

Gisele Savarie
Supervisor (Temporary)
705-567-9331, extension 224

Sylvie Adams
Payroll/Maintenance Officer
705-567-9331, extension 227

Sylvie has been working with the Agency since January 1988 serving in different capacities/positions until her current position as Maintenance/Accounts Clerk.  Sylvie was the recipient of the Volunteer of the Year in 2003 recognizing her leadership and contributions with several fundraisers for the organization.  Sylvie is hoping to retire with the winnings from her 649 tickets soon, pending a win of course.


Karine Guillemette
Accounts Payable/Personnel Officer
705-567-9331, extension 228