Following the 50th Anniversary, the agency has continued to expand and evolve in a productive manner.  Much effort has been placed on community development and enhancement of the lives of people that the agency supports.

~Organization, Innovation and Implementation:~


  • The Library Book Promotion began with Teck Centennial Public Library and the agency
  • The first meeting was held to begin the Community Transportation in Partnership (C-TRIP)
  • The Parent Support Group began – “The Road Less Travelled”
  • A group of self-advocates initiated a “People’s First” Group


  • Transitional Age Youth Program began with the Kirkland Lake Collegiate and Vocational Institute
  • A joint Volunteer Program with the Timiskaming Child & Family Services (formerly Children’s Aid Society) and the agency began
  • Essential Lifestyle Plans for all people supported
  • Policy developed– staff expectations and limitations
  • Successful anniversary year
  • Partnerships – Human Resource Development Canada, Timiskaming Child & Family Services (formerly Children’s Aid Society)
  • Community Involvement Committee
  • Carnival float
  • Home and Trade Show
  • Restructuring of management responsibilities and job descriptions
  • Repatriation of Children’s Residence clients to home communities
  • C-TRIP Committee developed
  • Incorporation of client business (Co-op) “KL 4 Seasons Yard Care”
  • STEP – Students in Transition to Employment Program


  • “Timiskaming Kids on the Block” program was established
  • “Out and About Curbside” Service was developed
  • First presentation of the Community Partner of the Year – Teck Centennial Public Library
  • Pauline and Victor were married June 19, 1999
  • People First” hosted a Regional Meeting
  • Hosted “Disability Awareness Fair”
  • Started bursaries for E.S.J.V. and K.L.C.V.I. graduating students


  • “Timiskaming Kids on the Block” Puppet Program expanded to include more community partners
  • “Resources for Today … Opportunities for Tomorrow” workshop was held
  • “KL 4 Seasons Yard Care” Co-op became incorporated
  • The “Road Less Travelled” parent support group hosted a District Wide Parent Retreat
  • Agency name change to Kirkland Lake Association for Community Living
  • Library promotion to three other communities
  • C-TRIP – purchased their first new van
  • Van Fundraising Committee very active
  • Success in acquiring extra funding from many different sources through proposals
  • Award winning newsletter
  • Production of Regional Newsletter Region North 3
  • Collaboration with Tri-Towns regarding “Making Services Work for People” – development of community intake package and referral system
  • Annual Access Awareness Week
  • Increase capacity to assist family in community with a variety of needs i.e.:  respite, intake forms, referral, legal counselling
  • Leisure Ventures week at Museum of Northern History – display of local artists work
  • “Keeping Your Dreams Alive”. Training for staff to bring the session to the area.
  • Establish Self-Advocacy Committee of Board
  • One of two agencies in the North Region to receive additional base-funding
  • Increase networking capacity via internet, e-mail – increased contacts
  • Became an OACL Communication Strategy Committee member
  • G.I.F.T.S.” program. – 40 hour mandatory volunteering for secondary school students
  • Trained staff on Bereavement process
  • Responding more effectively to people’s needs through Essential Lifestyle Plan process
  • Leadership development training youth volunteerism Community Action Forum
  • Highlighting our volunteers at the Provincial Community Volunteer Awards
  • Expanding on community awareness through Media exposure/coverage
  • Secured donation cards for the Funeral Home for Bequests and In Memorium donations
  • Violence Against Women with a Disability” workshop and booklet
  • Addition of new “agency pets” – “Benny” – dog and “Tommy” – cat
  • “Survived Y2K”
  • Orientation tour for new Board Members to program


  • Organized a District Media Training Workshop
  • North 3 Regional Newsletter was presented at the Regional Council Meeting in Timmins
  • Held an Open House to celebrate the name change
  • Celebrated the first annual Community Living Month
  • Began investigating options for the Administration Office
  • The Making Services Work for People Single Point of access was developed
  • International Year of the Volunteer Summit was held at Northwood Camp
  • Youth Leadership Summit was held at Northern College.
  • September 6 – November 13, 2001 – Labour Dispute


  • Held an Open House for the Vocational Alternatives Program at the Encore Club office
  • Held a Conflict Resolution Workshop for all employees
  • Officially became the sponsor of the Community Living Skills program
  • Third Street Residence Home participated in the World Youth Day walking tour
  • Participated in the Northern Auto Dealers Association Ontario Special Olympics golf tournament
  • Submitted proposal for the Anti-Bullying Campaign to National Crime Prevention
  • TD/Canada Trust donated the building on 51 Government Road to the agency
  • Reinstated the program decorating contest – Wilson Avenue Residence came in first, Apartment Complex came in second
  • The Board and Managers prepared the first Annual Christmas lunch for staff, clients and their families
  • Two Managers were formally trained to teach the Crisis Prevention Intervention course


  • Held 1st Annual Curling Bonspiel Fundraiser – raised $1,300 and purchased a new lift
  • Held a Conflict Resolution Workshop for all employees
  • Moved into our new office at 51 Government Road West
  • Ordered a new wheelchair van
  • Held an Open House in our new office building in conjunction with the Santa Claus Parade
  • Ministry of Community and Social Services conducted our first annual Compliance Review.  All programs received pizza as an appreciation for a job well done
  • Held the second annual Board Training session


  • Held 2nd Annual Curling Bonspiel Fundraiser – raised $1,867
  • Held a three-day Strategic Planning Session, which included Staff, Community Partners, Board Member, families and Self-Advocates
  • Joe Dale from Community Living Ontario conducted a Supported Employment Review for our agency which resulted in future changes to the program
  • Held an Open House at the Administration Office during the Santa Parade
  • Decorating contest was held and the judges were Barry Ferguson, Susan Enouy and Bill Enouy


  • Began partnership with Job Connect for the Supported Employment Program
  • Held a Volunteer Appreciation barbecue
  • Began negotiations for the lease of 11 Station Road
  • Held a general staff meeting to inform all staff of the proposal for Station Road
  • Held the 2nd Annual Appreciation lunch for the employers of the Supported Employment Program
  • Hosted a workshop called “Too Close for Comfort” which dealt with boundaries in a client/staff relationship
  • Began investigation for a website
  • Ordered the new van from Pinewood Park
  • The move to Station Road finally occurred


  • Plans began for admission for 2 people from institutions for the Ministry of Communiyt and Social Services institution closure across Ontario. Tenders went out for bathroom renovations at Wilson Avenue Residence in November.
  • Held grief session for all employees to assist with deaths of client
  • Community Living Kirkland Lake curling bonspiel fundraiser – raised $2,074
  • Open House at Station Road
  • Garage sale at 79 First Street to prepare for sale of this home to be put on the real estate market in July. Home was sold in August.
  • Workwell Audit
  • First Community Pandemic Planning Session
  • Community Living Staff and Managers volunteered for Frog’s Breath
  • Note:  2006 was a very sad year as we lost six individuals during the year


  • Construction began on bathroom at 90 Wilson Avenue Residence to prepare for new residents in March. Land was purchased to accommodate the addition of hot tub room.
  • Staff bowling party held
  • Special Olympics held first annual basketball challenge with community partners
  • Two-day Person-Centred Thinking Workshop
  • Annual Meeting – Roast for Mary Ann on her retirement


  • Katimavik volunteers join the agency for a three year venture
  • Construction on addition at Wilson Avenue Residence finally completed
  • Suzanne Perreault, Nurse Practitioner, joined the agency on a purchase of service basis.
  • Purchased 54 Tower Street for Enhanced Supported Independent Living.
  • Held focus groups in preparation for Board Strategic Planning to be held in October


  • January – formed an internal client/home audit committee
  • Held a fundraiser spaghetti dinner during the Snowcross Races
  • Held our third staff and friends bowling tournament
  • Held a Community Awareness Barbecue at 51 Government Road West
  • Had a guest speaker come and present “Focus Accreditation” to all staff
  • Began the gap analysis to prepare for Accreditation
  • Began implementing the pandemic plan by fitting all staff with the N95 masks
  • Annual decorating contest and Board/Management hosted 8th Annual Christmas lunch at Hockey Heritage North


  • Focus Orientation for Managers, Board Members and Staff
  • Ron Lalonde received the Festivals Committee Volunteer of the Year award and Brian Culhane received Lifetime Achievement award during the Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner and Awards Banquet
  • Held volunteer appreciation nutrition breakfast
  • Held our fourth staff and friends bowling tournament.
  • Special Olympics and friends invited the Ontario Provincial Police for a basketball challenge
  • Began preparations for the Day Program Review
  • Ministry of Community and Social Services completed a very successful compliance review for all group homes
  • Conducted Day Program Review
  • Our long-time Advisory Physician Dr. Denton, officially retired
  • Ministry of Community and Social Services announced the new Quality Assurance Measures and mandatory training was done with all staff


  • April – held Volunteer Appreciation nutrition break
  • May – hosted the 1st Mayor and Council breakfast
  • July – Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) became reality
  • July –     Don Frisby is inducted into the Kirkland Lake Hall of Fame
  • August – participated in the Grand Opening of the Splash Park
  • September – James P. from Wilson Avenue Residence passed away
  • October – the Managers participated in a facilitated one-year operational planning session at Cedar Meadows in Timmins
  • October – two-days were booked for Union negotiations, however only one day was needed
  • November – the Board and Managers participated in an evening joint planning session facilitated by Ron Leduc
  • November – won 1st place in the Kirkland Lake Annual Christmas Parade
  • December – Board/Management hosted the 10th Annual Christmas lunch at Hockey Heritage North
  • *Much of 2011 was dedicated to preparing for accreditation


  • April – received four year accreditation with Focus
  • Celebrated Community Living Kirkland Lake’s 65th anniversary