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Executive Director’s Address

The following address was made to the Board of Directors, staff, volunteers and media at Community Living Kirkland Lake’s Annual General Meeting in June:

Here’s to the Board volunteers, those dedicated people who believe in all work and no pay … although they have asked several times for a raise!

Throughout my 25 years as an Executive Director, I have never had such a dedicated and truly committed group of individuals who form the Board of Directors.

Due to the vast knowledge, expertise and commitment that our Board has, we have surpassed many of our goals that was set over the past year.

The Strategic Planning Committee has met all of the strategic direction and is looking forward to continuing with the Quality Improvement Plan through Accreditation.

The Health and Wellness Committee established a hospital protocol and reviewed the requirements for the Quality Assurance Measures.

Technology has become an essential part of any organization and through the Technology Committee we have installed computers in all programs, all staff have Email, CIMS, has become an everyday routine and we are hooked into social media through our website and Facebook.

The policy and Membership Committee will be busy next year revising our By-Laws in order to be compliant with the new Not-For-Profit Corporations Act.

One of our most successful committees that was formed a short time ago, and has already met their first goal, is the Transportation Committee.  They managed to work through all the logistics from start to finish on the most suitable mode of transportation for the individuals we support.  We are proud to say that due to hard work of this committee and to the many donors that gave generously, we now have a 12 passenger van.

Last but certainly not least is the Finance Committee.  This committee works tirelessly ensuring that we are in a good financial position and as you have heard from our auditors, they met their goal.    The Finance Committee is responsible for approval of purchases; which trust me, is not just a rubber stamp.  They take their job very seriously and truly keep us on our toes.

As you can see, each and every Board Member contributes a great deal to our agency and I am truly grateful for their compassion to the individuals we support and their true dedication to our agency.

They are a progressive group who just want us to continue the great work that we do and to always follow our Mission Statement.

I am so pleased and honoured that all Board Members will be returning for another year.

Thank you to all!

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