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Community Living Kirkland Lake’s New Addition – The “Jungle Snoezelen Room”

Snoezelen Room

What is a SNOEZELEN? It is a multi-Sensory environment with equipment and materials that offer a broad range of sensory experiences. It is designed to offer individuals with special needs and challenging conditions the opportunity to exercise choice. It bridges cognitive, perceptual, behavioural, physical, and other limiting conditions to provide a sense of empowerment.

Snoezelen RoomA SNOEZELEN room allows client’s to enjoy a wide range of experiences that enhance therapy, learning, and relaxation. Clients get to choose the experiences that give them the most pleasure.

How it works! A SNOEZELEN contains a variety of items that can be used alone or in combination. Our room has been created to develop and enhance visual, auditory, tactile and range of motion abilities. It is the ideal multi-sensory environment that provides a comfortable, tranquil room in which the clients can experience and control a variety of sensory experiences.

\Snoezelen Room Snoezelen Room Snoezelen Room

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